Sunglasses for time trials

I recently had to buy a new helmet to comply with new provincial triathlon rules in Quebec, Canada, which state a helmet must be <= 5 years old. As such, I had to give up using my beloved Giro Selector helmet with visor which I loved using both for the quietness and great visibility with a lowered head. I’ve decided to go with an aero road helmet, but have now noticed that my sunglasses don’t allow good visibility when I try to keep my head low and lift my eyes to see. So, fellow TrainerRoadies, my question is this:

What sunglasses do you recommend for time trials which allow one to see well up the road?

Thanks for your help!

I use the Oakley Jawbreakers with a Bontrager Ballista on my TT bike. My position isn’t super aggressive, but the sunglasses have pretty good visibility when decently tucked. Next time I might try a pair of similar shaped sunglasses, but without a top rim.

What about something like a Kask Bambino?

Oakley’s Flight Jacket or EVZero Range seem like good options since they have no frame on top (as you said you’d like to try), but I’d like to hear what people suggest before.

That’s a great photo, btw, and a nice position on your bike.

Frameless are the way to go if not using a visor. I use Oakley evzero stride. The have great coverage and visability and don’t interfere with any of the helmets I have trued them with (LG Course, Giro Vanquish w.o visor, Giro Foray, etc.) The Prizm road lens is great in all conditions except very bright, but my eyes tends to be sensitive.

I have also tried Smith Pivlock V2 max and while they we good, and can be had much cheaper, I prefer the Oakleys. Both are good options though.

A lot of the new trendy glasses are so big that you can’t see the upper rim. I use Bliz Matrix. Lightweight, decent price and they don’t obscure my field of view. I tried the evzero from Oakley, and while they don’t obscure my vision, I’m forced to look above the glass using those.

Basically, use glasses that cover half your face. dsc_0425_670