Glasses for early morning rides - larger lenses, look good off the bike, photochromic - any ideas?

I’m in the market for a new pair dawn and dusk cycling glasses which means photochromic lenses. I really liked my Adidas Protean Vario frames but its been a while since they’ve been made and they no longer sell something similar. I also have a couple of pairs of the original Rapha Classic glasses which I love - just for reference, they’re not photochromic. I’m currently leaning toward Roka. I have some Tifosis that I use for races.

Finding overlap between ‘photochromic’ and ‘looks good off the bike’ seems to be the main challenge. Any suggestions?

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I’d look for sunglasses that might have a lighter tint then? With more light transmission that way you’re fine at dawn/dusk.
I use Roka, they don’t have photochromic from what i can see but they do have some sunglasses with higher light transmission.
(EDIT: oh they have tactical ones that are photochromic)

When I was wanting something for the other end of the day I got a pair of RockBros. ROCKBROS Photochromic Cycling Glasses with 3 in 1 Intelligence Lenses for Men & Women Outdoor Sports Goggles UV400 Protection Sunglasses Eyewear: Clothing

The forerunner to them for evening rides was Endura’s with a similar transition lens (although not as clear). These look to be the current version Mullet Glasses - Orange | Endura (

I love my Oakley Sutro from a coverage and looks perspective though I’m not daring enough to wear the white frames off the bike. There IS a black frame variant which is a bit more street friendly with its look.

I am a very happy owner of Oakley EVzero Path with photochromic lenses. Perfect for riding in the dark and morning/evening commutes, and also super light. See

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I just recently picked up a pair of the photochromic Oakley EVZero blades. They are look clear in low/no light conditions. They don’t get exceptionally dark in bright light, but they absolutely get dark enough to avoid any sort of eye strain/squinting, I was not expecting to enjoy them as much as I do. The only downside is that when they are clear they don’t look quite as good as a real mirrored lens, but it’s a small price to pay for how well they work.

I’m wearing Sungod Vulcans with photo chromatic lenses and really like them. I’ve got a pair of Rapha Explore on the way to try out. Shield style glasses unfortunately aren’t what I’d wear off the bike.

I have a set of Oakley Flak 2.0 with clear lenses.

I’ve got Oakley Jawbreakers with Photochromatic lenses and I also thought they weren’t going to be dark enough at high sun. I have sensitive eyes and while they aren’t as dark as other lenses they work just fine for me at high noon sun - no straining, headaches or anything else.

The evzero I have are the best glasses I’ve ever used by a mile.

i got the Roka GP1x (i believe) with the full frame photochromatic lens. the strava discount helped and they work great during the morning rides

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I have the roka phantom alloy aviators with photochromatic lenses (the prescription version has a photochromatic option) and live them for the exact use case you described. Great for casual or sport use in any lighting condition.

I have Smithoptics REVERB. They great and I believe they have photochromatic lenses.

I was always interested in photochromic lenses. As fast as i know the transition is slow. Do you ride through streets Tunnels with them?

It takes a minute for mine to adjust. I don’t do much riding through tunnels. I really like them because most of my workouts are at sunset or sunrise, and the transition is fast enough to keep up with the changing light conditions without having to stop and swap lenses. I also think they work great for trail use, as they get noticeably lighter if I’m in a canyon or forest with a little more shade and then darken right back up once I’m back in full sunlight.

Thats a Problem Here in the alps, nearly every ride Has Short Tunnels or some, Dont know how to say, “inhousings”, to prevent avalanches blocking the streets…

Update - I went with Roka SL-1X - its a bike specific look but its damn comfortable on the bike. I also went with their Hunter glasses for prescription. They work well on the bike too but I use them mostly for general wear. Overall very happy with my choices although I wish I didn’t need prescription glasses.

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I can’t remember what Tifosi model I have right now, but I like them. I don’t care about looks, and fortunately all the glasses that would make me look like a bro don’t fit me so it works out. I am cheap when it comes to glasses since I have a habit of ruining expensive ones immediately, but cheap ones last me forever.

I really like these, but I try to avoid Amazon at all cost now so I had to move on.

They do not go NEARLY as dark as people think they will. They have just a light tint to them, just enough to take the edge off on the bright sun. But you can see just fine in a tunnel or something like that.

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I have matadors and bought photochromic lenses separately. Matador Accessory Lenses - Replacement Lenses | ROKA

They are now my go to glasses for all riding in spite of having two other lenses (one orange with a dark tint and one blue with a lighter tint.)

I also have some Oakley flight jackets with tinted and clear lenses.

Same, but I find they don’t get very dark when it there is sun…fine for dark and low light, but a bit lacking as things get brighter, IME.