Natural vs Enhanced Performance

Athletes (cyclists included) have a LOT of chemical supplements available to enhance performance.
From caffeine to nitrates to acetaminophen to straight up carbo supersaturation.

My question to those cyclists who do use these LEGAL substances is: how do you know what’s fuelling your performance – you or your chemical additives?

Does anyone ever do a training ride or a race on just pasta and water to see what the difference is?

(Full disclosure: I totally use carbs and caffeine.)

I’m a regular caffeine consumer but some of my best efforts (both an 8 and a 20 on different days) were well outside the window where I was getting an RPE benefit.

I have noticed that I put out the best power at around 10-11am! Time zone doping.

Yup, that too!
Science backed or not, if your race is at 8am, probably wise-ish to do your training at around the same time.

For those doing 24hr races…train whenever!

If the circadian rhythm is normal, late morning is when testosterone is usually the highest in the 24 hr cycle.

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FWIW, I’m experimenting with substances this weekend. :flushed::scream::crazy_face:

Report to follow.