I lost body fat just by adding in TR workouts, and how do I not feel so bad for traning at 5am?

Hey all,

I’m a 47 year old former cat. 1 returning to racing. I had my body fat tested at 15% in August. I started trainer rode a few weeks later and got tested a few days ago at 13%! So just by adding in the work (SSB Low Volume) and with no changes in diet, I’ve lost 2% body fat. Amazing! My goal is to be down around 10% when racing starts here in CO in March or April.

Also, I usually feel pretty crappy at 5am and really struggle sometimes to bring the quality to the workouts. I abstain from alcohol and go to bed early the night before but still don’t feel too peppy. Any tips or tricks?

I’m going to start blogging about my return to racing. If you’d like to check it out, here’s where you can find it: ex-prosays.blogspot.com.

Love the support from this community!

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How’s your hydration? Pretty normal to be a little on the low side first thing in the morning.

Coffee drinker or tried caffeine?

I make sure to drink the recommended 1/2 your body weight in ounces every day. I grab a cup of coffee before I get on the bike and drink it between efforts. Sometimes I’ll have a banana as I’m warming up too, though it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. I’d hate to have to wake up earlier in order to have been awake longer. I’m considering a pre-workout!

I drink plenty every day myself, but however long we sleep we go without and I try and avoid downing too much right before bed so pretty easy to wake and be say 9-10 hours since hydrating.

You might try downing a an extra glass of water to start and see if that helps any.

That’s awesome! I hate you.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning:

All I can tell you is that it is never easy but you kinda get used to it. I wake up a 0430 and on the bike by 0530 after about 7 hours of sleep. I find a banana and HEED in my bottle helps. I also mix up a thing of LIT (sold at GNC) prior to on days that are going to be especially intense helps.

You’re supposed to feel tired and crappy at 5AM. That’s part of the deal.


Lol! Got it!

Has anyone played with pre-workout supplements?

Not that I’ve done this a ton, mind you . . . but when I wanted to make sure that I got up for my 5AM workouts instead of hitting the snooze button and rolling back over, I’ve put water and an electrolyte tablet w/caffeine on my nightstand before I go to bed.

This way, I tell myself, all I have to do when I wake up is take that caffeine/electrolyte tablet . . . then I’ll never get back to sleep anyway…so I might as well get up and hit the trainer (it’s like baby steps).

The electrolyte tab also helps with dehydration, which is a state you’re likely in in the morning.

@hmaceachran - I’m 53 and I find that adequate protein and carbs is important to not feeling crappy in the morning so I’ll add a protein and carb shake as needed in the evening to ensure I’m ready to go for the morning workout. Some of the recent podcasts cover the increased protein needs for aging athletes.

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I’ve tried/trying Hammer Fully Charged before my workouts, not noticing anything as of yet. I’m currently doing Traditional Base 2, so mainly Z2 with some tempo intervals. Maybe it would help with higher intensity rides. Hammer explains their product as:

Pre- exercise igniter
Increases energy
Promotes mental acuity
Improves power output

So at least there’s that…