Nates pre race eating

I missed @Nate_Pearson’s pre race carb loading eating. Anyway we can get those images in the forum to use as a guide and as motivation to keep eating?

Not sure you’ll find it motivating :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps @Nate_Pearson would save the whole IG story as a highlight and you could go back to view it there. Honestly it was an impressive feat to follow.

I did take one screenshot, featuring my favorite cereal:


@Nate_Pearson. GIVE THE PEOPLE WANT THEY WANT!! A saved story of how much food you ate for your races!


here’s my breakfast before 120 mile, 5800kj day. Go eat!


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I guess you don’t subscribe to Nate’s 800g of carbs pre load? 800g of carbs seems a lot…

that’s for the DAY before. this is the morning of.

But no, i don’t carb load massively for training races. For A races, I’m more at 1000g of carbs!


omg 1000g! I thought I could eat but thats like the Paris Roubaix of eating!