Extended Version of Nate's Carb Loading Plan

I posted this on the “Nate’s Carb Carb Loading Plan” thread, but didn’t get any bites, so I’m trying a new topic :slight_smile:

I read that whole thread, and maybe I missed it there or maybe I’m imagining things. But I feel like I remember hearing on the podcast or reading here on the forum one could achieve the same effect of the 2 day carb loading plan (10-12grams per kg for 2 days), but by decreasing the amount of carbs per day and beginning 4-5 days before the event? Am I crazy, did I imagine this? Is there a recommended protocal for this?

If someone (looking at you @mcneese.chad and @Nate_Pearson) I would love to see it.
I’m doing the Shenandoah MTN 100 in about 1.5 weeks, and love to be loaded up on race-day.

thanks for your help and for pointing me in the right direction.

I am not of much help here. I don’t follow the nutrition side of these discussions beyond superficial info.

I could try some searching, but due to my relative unfamiliarity with your specific question, I don’t know what terms would yield the results you want.

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I remember him saying this as well. I feel like it was around 7 grams per kg per day but I cannot remember exactly.

I don’t have the answer you are looking for but will be following this and will see you at Shenandoah!

@wfenwick, just looking at your profile pic…if you’ve finished an ironman, you’re going to be way ahead of me :grinning:

I dont’ remember the exact protocol, but it was something like an exhaustive glycogen depleting effort, then loading after that.

That can be hard to do though. And if you’re training on those days leading up to it you have to eat even more.

For the loading phase, juice is your friend :smiley:.