Nate’s carb loading plan

I can’t find how Nate got all of his carbs for his race. I got the LR100 this weekend and I want to #eatlikenate to prepare. Thank you for the help.


You can find an existing discussion about this here:

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It usually involves popeyes chicken :see_no_evil:

Not a direct answer, but related info:

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I’ll have to do some digging, but last year I carb loaded with 10-12g/kg carbs 2-3 days leading up to my event. It was a protocol from a review article

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Thank you.


The above info is correct (except no Popeyes). 10-12 grams per kg of body weight 2 days before.

It’s hard to do. Try to limit protein and fat. You’ll get plenty of it even if you try to avoid it.


Do we eat this amount over 24hours two days before event or 10-12grms per kilo over two days???

Each day you eat that much. :face_vomiting:

How?! :slight_smile:

I’m just doodling numbers and a big bowl of muesli, milk, chop a banana in there for good measure, with a couple of generous helpful spoons of jam. Add a big glass of orange juice and you’re sitting at only like 180g

What’s everyone’s go to meals for carb loading? Double wrapped massive burrito for lunch? I could quite happily nom down a 400gram bar of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut Chocolate throughout the day for another ~200g…

Just because a food is high in carbs, dont ignore the fat and protein. Chocolate, especially with nuts is going to be high in fat and therefore is going to mean a lot of excess calories that arent necessary for carb loading and cause you to gain weight.

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Juicing fruits and veggies helps a lot to get your carb intake higher. I do 800-900g days and juice probably accounts for 200-300g per day.

Day 1 carbs prior to Leadville…any suggestions on how to do this better?

Looks good to me! If you’re having problems fitting it in your stomach I’d take out the almond butter. Did you hit your carb goals?

Yes 876 grms of carbs today…I didn’t think I would start to notice the difference but even though I’m full as ever I seem to feel the glycogen in my muscles … as you stated they feel topped off. Day two begins now see you on the start line tomorrow. Thanks for the guidance!

Nate, can you log your diet for 2-3 days prior to a big race? Would like to see exactly what you’re consuming.

5,635 calories for breakfast? Or is this the ENTIRE day split amongst meals?

Really? That has got to be the whole day otherwise that is a whole lot of weight gain. A few events like that and well…

I’m wondering at what point the weight gain offsets the extra energy from carb loading. If it’s a flat race weight doesn’t matter that much, so pile the energy in, but if it’s a hilly race with enough support so that you can eat when you want, without carrying too much, would you be better of without the weight penalty from carb loading?