Glycogen Loading Q

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It has been stated many times that the target number somewhere between 5-7 g/kg carbohydrate (which would be 350-560g), however I am unclear as to the timeframe all this needs to be consumed. Am I to consume all 350+ grams of carbohydrate in one day? Spread out over two days? 350 g each day for two days? 350g every single day for a week until I explode like the guy from Monty Python?

Per day. Not sure on the scientific duration, but I usually do it for 2-3 days in a row.

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Very much dependent on your event. If its a 3 stage tour I take a similar approach to Nate and start 3-4 days before. I also try and avoid certain foods and limit my meat intake, which takes longer to digest. Black rice is a favourite. Nuts. Bananas. I spread the load across various foods.

There are a few good threads on loading available.

350g of carbs is only 1400 calories, it isn’t that much. Probably not enough if you are doing any exercising as well. If 350g of carbs feels like a lot you are probably eating too much fat or protein or both.

If i have a big race coming up or I am doing a really big training ride I could easily put away over a kilo of carbs in a day.

The “proper” amount of carbs to constitute carb loading is a LOT of food. If you need 700g per day for a couple of days then when you look at it as a banana= only 25g then that’s 28 bananas (do NOT try this!)

You might have to eat several very large bowls of oatmeal, + fruit, + bars, + bread. In addition to your normal food intake. Little and often seems to be the best way.

It works though, having a load of carbs onboard makes you race a lot better.


350g of carbs is two bags of Haribo. Far too easy to eat!


Here’s the protocol I follow which iirc came from - anyway, works. for me:


This is extremely helpful! Thanks!

we put this article together that might help you out aside from just carb loading.

but if you really want to fill glycogen up, shoot for 8-10g per 1kg of body weight!



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once calculated just for fun the lethal dose of Potassium and you’d have to eat roughly 40 bananas at once to reach that :slight_smile: + administer it IV

Really good reading thanks!

Great article, thanks for sharing