My first ever Full Distance Triathlon Race, Challenge Roth 2020

Hi everyone,

new to the forum and certainly new to posting,

I am after a little help with some training information. With just over 11 months until my first ever full distance triathlon, Challenge Roth, i’d like to know what i should be doing NOW to build up a solid foundation and a great platform for when i start my focused training 6 months out.
I want to build up my FTP as well as building a diesel engine to be able to carry that load of work and be in the best possible starting position for when training starts getting tasty.

With it being so far out i don’t want to just build up junk miles but i also what to enjoy the summer months of riding my bike for smiles.

Hey @bpm76uk,

Welcome to the forum!

For starters, I would check out this resource I’ve compiled for Ironman athletes. There’s a lot of good info in there, and it may help answer a lot of your questions:

I would also check out another article that addresses what you should do when you have extra time to prepare for your event:

These articles should give you the basic principals you need to build your season :slight_smile:
If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask!

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