MTB Stage racing

Hey Jonathan… I calling on you here. :slight_smile:

Has anyone used TR to create a stage race plan for something like BCBR and/or Singletrack 6? I know there is an option for MTB+stage plan but want to know from personal experience how well it matches. BCBR and ST6 are pretty specific races with lots of mileage and climbing. The only input to the plan is duration and intensity…

Followup question. Is there anything in TR for weight workouts? BCBR and ST6 indeed need some type of upper body conditioning.

This might help as a rough guide for the strength aspect:

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Yes, the. mtb stage race format works. I have used and can recommend™️

Don’t forget to actually spend time on the mtb before the stage race, to reduce the likelihood of being a fit yet fragile athlete. Being conditioned to the demands of riding unfamiliar trails at race pace while heavily fatigued isn’t a guarantee for success but it helps provide some insurance and headroom for the later stages.

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