Suggested training plan for rockies ab 700. 700km bike packing race through the rockies

So far I’ve chosen Enduro plan.

It’s 700km long with 49000 feet of climbing I think. My a goal is to do it In 3 days, b 4 days. C 5 days. D finish.

I’ll be riding a salsa cutthroat that will weigh around 45-50 pounds with gear.

I originally chose rolling road race and switched it to Enduro plan.

Not really sure if plan matters for this but I’ve thought of using rolling road race, century and a couple others.

Thanks for the input.

Enduro makes no sense to me. It is aimed at very hard, and short duration efforts. As such, it uses the Short Power Build and Gravity Specialty which are more about high power, short duration.

For loading riding at what I expect to be lower than threshold efforts, I would think you want Sustained Power Build and something like the Century Specialty. Maybe even Climbing Road Race Specialty since it is still steady-ish effort with some kicks, that may be beneficial for some pitches while loaded.

But for a ride/race of that distance, I think your focus should be on longer, steadier power.

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Awesome Chad. Thank you as always. I’ve just finished the first block of Enduro and have a light week. Next week is an ftp test. Should I start over with a fresh plan? Or just change the next block in AT?


Definitively not Enduro. Enduro is training for a couple of downhill races in a day.

Maybe have a look in here (and the list of other threads linked in there):

Did you apply your training plan using Plan Builder, or manually adding blocks?

If you used Plan Builder, you can alter upcoming training blocks to different versions. You find the starting annotation for any block on your calendar (usually at the same day as first workout of the week on that block), and open it. At the top, you can alter the actual plan phase to any you want as well as the volume.


So, the choice is up to you. If your plan already covers the right timing, you can likely just manually override the specific plan to whatever you want.

I would look at something like Cross Country Marathon. You do need a bit of punch, off-road, but you’ll also have lots of sustained power to keep on tap.

Pure road may not have the short spikes you may need, while in a sustained power output.