Moving, Final Training Block(s) and Injury

I’m moving to Fort Collins for grad school from NH (at sea level). I’ll be in CO for about 3 weeks before going to France for the 70.3 IM World Championships. What effects (beneficial and not) should I be aware of and how do use the effects to my advantage to help with recovery and training before worlds? Would heat training help with the adjustment to high elevation? I do have a couple days off to accommodate for my move (and to take an online final exam for a class) prior to starting my last 2 weeks of training.

(This may be a separate topic, but it could tie into the question up above.) In addition to my move, I’m currently injured with a medial gastrocnemius strain (i.e. calf strain), since competing in IM 70.3 CT. While I had followed PT protocol on my own, I’m somewhat forced to see an actual PT now for the issue since it hasn’t gotten better since starting the middle-phase of recovery (which includes strengthening and walk/jog) and affects cycling more than it does running. My coach and I continued to do builds my training (which is probably why my leg hasn’t gotten better) in the swim and bike since CT, so my fitness is where it should be. As a triathlete, my options for cross training is somewhat limited. I’m already planning to swim 4-5x/week and aqua jog 2x/week (if I’m lucky and permitted, 2-4 sessions on the alter-G at my PT before moving to Colorado). My questions regarding this are as follows:
(1) What cross training options are suitable to keep up my fitness and strength (would rowing, if not painful, be beneficial?) going into worlds?
(2) Would the change in elevation during my move have any effect on my muscle recovery?
(3) Would it be best to climb Col de Vence at Worlds sitting in a smaller gear and higher cadence to avoid overloading the muscle (I have a Liv Langma)
(4) And would kineso-tape be beneficial in any way?

Thank you for you help and insight! Happy Training!

Altitude will negatively affect your recovery, meaning you won’t recover as well as you have at sea level. Heat training may benefit you if heat will be a factor for Worlds. Heat training does not offset altitude though. But be cautious of this, as heat training is an additional stress to the body on top of you adjusting to altitude and managing your calf injury. It may not be wise to add this additional stress depending on how much else is going on in your life.