Moving workouts on race week

Hi! I am currently doing the low volume full distance plan. Next week I have a 4.5 hour ride and 2.5 hour run planned for the weekend, however I am doing an olympic distance tri on saturday. This is a C race and I wasn’t planning on tapering.

Should I move my long ride and runs to earlier in the week and then remove the tempo workouts as I will be racing? For example I can do long ride thursday, long run friday, olympic tri saturday…


Looking into your calendar on this. :+1:

thanks! it’s next week with malibu tri. I already deleted my threshold ride, tempo run, and time trial swim. my thought is my race would cover those workouts. and then I would do my long run weds, and long ride sunday.

Hey! I’m glad to see Sarah was able to reach out and help provide some guidance. I hope the race was fun and productive as a training event!

Future questions that arise (for you or any other athlete following along) can always be DM’d to @SarahLaverty or myself, or the team at and we’ll be happy to take a look again; training plan inquiries or otherwise.

Let us know how the race went! :smiley:

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