Moved ramp-test manually in AT to a week before new block, doesnt change the workouts in the next block

Hello everyone,

I’ve manually moved the ramp-test to thursday before the sweet spot base 2 block, instead of the monday of the new block. I’ve got the new progression levels, but there are no adaptions in the new training block.

For example. Treshold is set back to 1.0, but the first workout in the new block will be a 3.6 workout and is marked as breakthrough.

Will the workouts adapt automatically when the new block starts on monday, or did I do something stupid by moving the ramptest forward manually?

AT only offers adaptations in the current training block phase, never in the future blocks. It likely doesn’t matter that you moved the Ramp test. It is not the trigger to “when” adaptations get offered.

If that doesn’t cover your issue, I suggest an email to so they can review it.

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