Blank Adaptation Removed upcoming ramp test

I’m wondering if anyone else has come across this weird thing I encountered this morning:

I just went into my android trainer road app, and noticed pending adaptations. The adaptations seemed blank, and I just hit accept. Looking at my calendar now, my ramp test scheduled for Monday is gone, and the one about 4 weeks later after the next recovery block is gone as well.

Should I add the ramp tests back, and then just do the workout assigned after using the AI FTP detection?

I have emailed support as well.


Yup, same conditions this morning for me, and I emailed support.

I chose to “crash out” and neither Accept nor Decline adaptions, so I keep getting the Pending notification and will leave it that way until I hear from support.

I am getting the “Adaptations Pending” alert, but when I view the PREVIEW, nothing seems to be set for any suggested changes.

Based upon some comments on the forum, I expected to see my Ramp Test set a few weeks out to be altered to some other workout, but that is not the case. Nor is there any other change.

What is happening and should I decline or accept with this current message?
As of now, I am just bailing out without either option until I know more.


I have the same condition from last nights workout and adaptations as well!

Ya I wish I had done that haha. Damn curiosity.

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Same here.

I refreshed my calendar this afternoon and got an “Adaptations Pending” popup. Clicked on it and there were no actual adaptations in the ensuing dialog. I clicked accept just to dismiss it and hopefully it won’t appear again.

I wouldn’t sweat it. I doubt there’s any real harm in your current state. Even if so, I would hope that TR can fix any pending issue.

Similar happened to me today - except my Ramp Test scheduled for one week out got replaced with an endurance ride (Townsend).

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Had a reply from support. It’s a bug and they’re sorting it. :ok_hand:t3:

They advised rejecting the adaption and doing the test or FTPD as originally scheduled.


Yeah, I got a similar reply… and notes that the rep “fixed” my plan… which was not “broken”… and I never asked for to be fixed… but is NOW fully messed up. ARG!!!

First time that I wish I had never contacted support, because the plan in place was perfectly fine. I just wanted to learn how to handle Pending Adaptations. Sorry for the mini rant.


I had the pending adaptations this morning and I think there were 6 pending. I clicked to see what they were and it disappeared, but my ramp test on Tuesday has been replaced by a workout. Not sure what other adaptations happened, but now I’m afraid to report it.

You might be just fine. Not sure how the rep took my comments to mean “fix my plan” when I clearly stated I never accepted any changes? But my painstakingly setup plan is now hosed (with them even changing the priority level of events on my calendar!!!), and it might require a full rebuild if they can’t hit a magic UNDO button. I’m beyond frustrated at this point. :frowning:


Yesterday (4/6) I completed Black (Endurance 4.3). No adaptations were suggested.

I just logged on to TR and an adaptation pops up. It wants to replace my upcoming ramp test on 4/19 with Monitor -1 (SS 2.7).

What is going on here? This is all through the web interface – I haven’t opted out of the ramp.

See above. I merged your comment into the existing one on the topic.

Sorry to hear it’s wiped you out Chad.

I did a workout earlier and it said there were adaptions but it then said there zero changes. I accepted it but you’ve got me worried that my plan has changed! I can’t see anything different on my plan, but I only follow TR plan rather than add in my own alterations.

Hope your plan can be resurrected !

Thanks, I suspect those that accept the change will only get the Ramp Test swap. At least that is all I have heard from those that did it.

My problem arose when a well meaning TR rep pressed the wrong buttons and tried to undo something that I never even did (accept/reject changes… I deliberately bailed). The real problem for me came from them effectively initiating Plan Builder again and allowing it free reign to change my plan (including de-rating an A to a B). It was not a “restoration” as the rep claimed, it was a full redo and it is now nothing like what I had previously set.

Worst case I have to nuke the whole thing and redo it. Not impossible, but a real hassle, especially since it killed the planned workout I had tonight. Just adds to my workload in an already busy day, hence my larger than normal frustration here.

If I am lucky, they can actually reset to before “the fix” and save me the rebuild time. We will see.


I had the same experience this morning.

Pending adaptation to my scheduled endurance workout. Opted to accept the adaptation. The scheduled workout remained but my Ramp Tests disappeared.

I’m not phased by the workouts that have replaced those Ramp Tests but, I’m wondering if I should just remove them and reinstate the tests?

I just put the ramp test back where it was and left the workout for now. Options for the day while still getting my updated FTP.

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My plan did the same for my next ramp test also (replaced it with a blank day). I’ll see how I feel closer to the time (its not due until mid May)

Same with me. Not blank but my ramp test was replaced with “Gendarme +6”