Mobile App - Workout List View instead of Calendar View for next workout in My Plan

I have a crazy work schedule. I don’t know the exact day when I’ll be on the trainer to do the next Workout in my plan. The old TR mobile Android app interface of My Plan with just a list view of the next workout was perfect. My next planned Workout was there waiting for me to ride it, regardless of what day that happened to be or how long it was between TR workouts. It required no manual rescheduling or reshuffling by me. I didn’t have to scroll back through a candler to find the last place I left off.

Please create an option in the mobile app to get rid of the calendar and essentially revert back to the old list view of just the workouts.

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Following the release of Calendar this has been a common request, and we will be looking into a seamless way to allow you to choose between Calendar and List fomat. We do not have an ETA on this feature yet unfortunately, but it is on our Development Roadmap.


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