Android phone app calendar suggestions

It would be great if through the android app you could:
-move workouts in the calendar if you need move workouts around during the week due to schedule changes
-View and load a training plan (e.g. triathlon build phase) into your calendar

I am grateful for the android app and without it I would not be able to do structured training as the only hardware and device option I have to train with is my phone. So i bought the quad lock out front mount and the sticker matching lock system to stick to the back of a back up phone case and this is how I train. However, I have to log into my account through the browser on the phone or find a computer to log in to my calendar to move workouts around (after loading the sweet spot base plan to my calendar) when my schedule changes.
Similarly, to view the training plans and ultimately pick and load one up into my calendar I will have to do the same. It would be great if you could do it all through the app.

Hopefully I am not missing out on how to do this all in the app but if I am please let me know.

If I may, I’d like to add copy/paste to the list… e.g. for swimming sessions.

Overall very happy with the quality of the app and the whole ecosystem… main reason why I recently joined TR.

I know not app, but I alter the calender via the webbrower on my android phone. If click on planned workout you can change the date for it, you can also delete it and click on a day to add a new workout.

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Hey there!

These features are definitely things that we plan to bring to the app in the future. Currently, you need to complete all calendar changes on the Web, but we hope to bring all critical day-to-day functionality into the app eventually. We do not have an ETA for when these features will make it to the app, however, if you read the update notes each update cycle, you will see when these features make it to production.

In the meantime, as Robert mentioned, the website is fully mobile-compatible. You can make all of the changes you suggest from your Android phone by going to in your mobile browser :slight_smile:



To be clear the calendar is not really mobile friendly, it has trouble scrolling and navigating at least on many Android phones. Ive found it to be unusable.