Does deleting a plan from calendar also delete completed rides?

I want to delete a current plan from my calendar, of which I have only completed 4 or 5 rides.
When I select remove plan, calendar warns me that all data will be deleted.
I’d like to confirm that only the plan will be erased, and that my completed rides within that plan will remain untouched. Does anyone know?
I’m just getting used to using calendar, and I have to say I’m very impressed by it!

This happened to my wife just yesterday. She’s new to TR and had two plans accidentally overlapped so she had completed rides on both.

I assumed (incorrectly) that deleting the plan wouldn’t delete completed workouts, but it did. :frowning:

Not too big of a deal since she still has her workout file she uses for historical purposes. But I just submitted this as a feature request:

Hey Greg!

Nope! If you delete the plan, all of the rides that you actually completed will still be there.

I actually did this myself today, and at first, it does appear that they are gone. Simply refresh your page and the workouts should return :slight_smile:



I got back to you on the other thread. If refreshing the page doesn’t work, please let me know and I’ll make sure a Support Agent reaches out to you.

Good to know @Nate_Pearson! I’ll have to share with my wife and check.

Just tried it, and they came back after a refresh.

Thanks as always!


They were there for my wife as well. Whew! Didn’t want her first week using TR to be bumpy. Good news is so far she’s digging it! :+1:


How do you delete the plan on a mac - either from app or website?