Lack of recovery weeks

I’ve started a training plan ready to build up to my time trial season next year. I’ve noticed that my recovery weeks are very infrequent. I’m 52 years old and female. I can’t sustain this workload. Is there any way to tell the plan builder what frequency of recovery weeks I would like. Ideally one every 3-4 weeks.

6 weeks btwn recovery weeks is only during sweetspot base and polarised base, iirc.

If you go through traditional base and then any build and speciality you’ll be doing 3 weeks on 1 week off throughout.

FWIW I’m 53 and managed SSBLV1 and 2 just fine. YMMV.

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During Base recovery is every 6th week. During Build and Specialty recovery is every 4th week. The thinking is that since Base has little to no intensity that you can handle the 5 on 1 off schedule. I suspect you’ll be able to handle the load.

I’ve been with TR for 4 years and I’ve never individually had an issue (46yo, male). Also, I’ve seen very few issues from members on the forums struggling with this. The few that do struggle tend to be on high volume.

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Indeed and don’t be too proud to reject downgrades when adaptive training suggests them

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Thanks all. I think I was also concerned because I chose LV so I could add my own long ride on Sunday. Hopefully the adaptations will account for this. I think yesterday’s session felt hard because of the weights I did the day before!!! Onwards….

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Always combine leg day with your hardest cycling workout (during base threshold). Do your legs first and than try to do the cycling workout at least 6 hours later. That way you have over a day to recover on LV

Low volume will increase the intensity. You may want to scholar MV but swap a session out for your own ride