I have a 2-week difference between my race. Should I expand my Build or my Speciality?

Hi guys. I’ve been reading (a little too late) this article: https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025556952-Too-Much-Time- and I have a doubt on what should I do.

  • My race is November 10, IM 70.3 SAO PAULO.
  • Completed Base phase (mid) successfully and moved to
  • Build phase (mid) and currently about to start my week 7 (or week 3 of my second block, if you prefer)

If I start my specialty phase immediately afterwards on Sept 9th, I will have a 2-week gap until Nov 10th. and wanted to run this by you guys and hear what do you think I should do:

According to the article, I should’ve done two sets of week 3 to make up for the gap, OR repeat weeks 7/8 from Specialty.

  • Do I repeat week 7 of my build (week 3 of my second block) once and then repeat week 7 or my Specialty?
  • Do I repeat week 7 of my build (week 3 of my second block) twice?

Had I known the existence of this article, I would’ve follow the plan of repeating the week 3 of both blocks but hey, procrastination!

Thanks guys