Mid vs high volume - FTP gains

Lets assume you can handle the TSS of either training plan. How much does one gain(in FTP) from choosing the high volume over the mid? For me, I could choose the high volume or the mid for the sprint TRI plans, but what is the extra time in training getting me? 5%, 10%, pride?

I realize this question doesn’t have an exact answer, but wasn’t sure if this has been covered before.


In theory, you’ll have the most gains from the maximum amount of load your body can absorb, respond to, and recover from.

All of these variables are highly individual.


I don’t think there’s any way to answer this with any accuracy whatsoever.


I am told that the correct answer is 42


If your body can truly handle the high volume plan, the mid volume won’t do anything for you. Handle means do them, not burn out, and be able to do the runs and swims, and not get injured.

Hi there - this assumption invalidates the point of the plans.

The selection of a plan is down to which one you will respond to best.

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You also need to take a long-term view. Even if your body can handle the higher volume plan, you may be better off choosing a slightly lower volume plan if it means you’ll stay motivated, healthy and injury free for years to come. The higher you push the volume the higher the risk of burnout/injury.


I got a little greedy and decided to jump into medium volume not having done much structured training before. Currently in week 5 of SSB1 and I can’t even keep up a Sweet Spot interval anymore, I am absolutely toast.

I figured I would get more gains doing Medium vs low but my body just cannot cope with that amount of stress so I am stepping down to low volume for SSB2 and forward. I guess it just depends on how much your body can tolerate. It took me 4-5 weeks for the effects to catch up to me, and with the condition I’m in now I am not getting much benefit from my workouts. If you can, great. If not, you’re only going to dig yourself into a hole sooner or later. Don’t be like me and get greedy


Yup, higher volume plans only work if you can handle the work and get sufficient recovery.

TR is right by recommending the lower volume option in any slight case of doubt. It’s easier to add than crash and restart.

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I appreciate the advice everyone!

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One thing no one has mentioned is that the composition of MV and HV are different and your physiology might respond different to each one.

If you are a “volume responder” go with HV; if an “intensity responder” go with MV.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t know your type until you try both.

As well, volume is usually king, but volume of what you respond to — do more intensity or do more volume.

Good luck. :+1:


This year I’m going with MV but compressing it to Tue-Sat then adding an outdoor ride on Sunday, typically 4-6hrs. The idea is to get the higher intensity of the MV plans but add some extra volume needed for my A race (Transcontinental). I’m then adding 4x TRX workouts for 12 weeks of base training reducing to 2x during build and speciality.

It gets a bit more tricky from March - June as I will also extend the outdoor rides to include at least 1x12hr ride, 2x12hr rides on back-to-back days and 1x 24hr ride. These are for mental training as much as anything but always hard to judge how much recovery is needed before going into the next TR workout.