SS high volume or mid volume

So ive just completed Trad base Med which i quite enjoyed surprisingly ,ramp test tommorow but i cant really decide which plan to go for next

Do i go and try to develop that sub threshold effort on high volume or do i go for the more balenced plan ie med ?
ive no events as such to train for this year ,but i just want to get stronger amd lift that FTP .

I did both but prefer SSBHV. Finished week four today.

SSB 1 HV for me was not a big problem but when you move onto SSB 2 HV there is little time to no time to recover. If you have the training time give it a go but be prepared for it to be tough. I would ask how many hrs do you average per week, and has that been consistent over the last 12 weeks. If it’s a big step up maybe do Mid Volume and add in extra endurance rides. Or add extra recover rides like -1Taku after every ride.

Sustained Power Build HV.

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what just skip ss base?

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i managed mid volume trad base ok and that went up to ten hours a week .

You just completed a Base phase.

good point