Mid Volume or High Volume plan to tackle 2 brutal events

Hi Guys,

So I was in good shape, good watts/kg ratio, even good results from a couple of races. Then hollidays a job change and some family time came, and now I have almost complete 2 months of not indoor training and a few outside rides on me.
Decided to go on the old fashion of having one or two races to “motivate” me. First is doing Alto de Letras (80kms with 3200mts elevation gain - one of the longest hill climbs in the world) on Sept 15th, and a Gran Fondo of 145km and 2400mts elevation gain on the second weekend of October.

Already done the Ramp Test a couple of weeks ago and got a 3.0 watts/kilo meassure. I believe with no much training should be the same these days, even when getting PR’s on some hills I have ride on the weekends (which by the way teng to tell my brain, why training if with little or no training I am still getting fast).

So my question is, I have done SSB Mid Volume, and it was good, but I believe that for those two events, I need more than that. I was considering doing SSB High Volume to get my fitness back, but without doing friday and maybe moving friday workout for wednesdays. What do you guys think of my approach?. By the way, after the six weeks, I will do the Century plan Mid Volume, which has helped me on the past to prepare for races.

Hey there, good luck with Letras, I’m planning on doing it in February. La Linea as well, alto del vino, etc.

I had a similar question to you, but from what I read, it’s better to add duration/workouts to mid volume plan, rather than attempting to do high volume and having to skip workouts because of time constraints or simply because you’re cooked. High volume is really high.

If you have the time, go for the high volume and give it a crack. for me, I am thinking on mid volume and ramp it up whenever I get a chance and the body responds.

With Letras and other hills, the huge benefit also is weight, so try to get it as low as you can without sacrificing health.

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Don’t know if I will do Letras again, but if you want I can help you with planning and also training. Over the weekends I will be doing other hilly stuff Like El Vino from Villeta, Cuchilla, El Trigo, Choachi, all those 10+k hills to prepare. I am commited to the weight thing or so I think hahaha. I will give it a shoot or two (2 weeks of High Volume) and I will tell you whether is too much or not.

great, I think I have the training side of things sorted out, but the planning would be awesome. I wish I was in the area to be able to do these hills over the weekend, you’re very fortunate.

yes let me know how it goes, look forward to reading from you