After Medium Volume Tradional Base which Sustained Power Build plan?

After Medium Volume Traditional Base I, II, and III which version of Sustained Power Build is recommended?


I’d suggest whichever one you think you’ll have time and commitment for!


Presumably mid volume again unless you think it will be too much for you



The tss increase from traditional base 1/2/3 into sustained power build looks like it’s not a massive jump, so I’d agree with medium vol (with a caveat that you can fit it into your life)

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It’s not only the increase in TSS but the change in type of workouts; not all TSS is created equal, remember.

I went from a ~500 TSS SSB + additional rides to a 600 TSS Sus Power Build and found the first week to be so hard. That said, several weeks on and I’m now doing over 700 TSS in Sus Power Build.

Go MV Base to MV Build but be ready for a bit of a shock to the system, especially if you are going in with a new FTP.


Thanks. Looks like I’ll be doing MV Build.