Methods (apps?) for measuring HRV with chest strap?

Say I have a HRM like a wahoo tickr, and want to measure my HRV every morning. What’s the best/easiest way to accomplish and track this, without buying another device etc

Some computers like the edge 1030 have a test you can run for HRV but it involves standing upright and still for a couple of minutes and I could never be bothered with it.

HRV4Training will measure from a chest strap.

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Is it worth the $9.99?

If your looking for a good HRV app I think so. It’s much cheaper than any of the subscription apps for sure. It can also pull in data from other apps like trainingpeaks/Strava for your training and build correlations from that.

Thanks for the recommendation it sounds like exactly what I want!

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I used hrv4training app. It’s pretty good, probably the best. However I get bored of working it into my morning routine. The 1 min reading is useless. Need to do the 3 mins to get the more accurate reading to give you time to settle. To be fair, the Garmin one does the job. It knows when I’ve had a drink or a rubbish sleep or fatigued.

But then you’d know those things already. The value would have to be where it picks something up that you hadn’t.

EliteHRV gets my vote if you want a free option. I have used it for nearly 2 years now

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I use EliteHRV too. It helps that its free, while I try to work out whether I get value out of HRV.

Anyone have thoughts know using the camera to measure HRV versus the strap?

The gold standard is going to be by using a strap

I do feel like Garmin does that. HRV in the app appears to work consistently enough and automatically over night where I don’t do morning tests anymore.

AFAIK measuring HRV like that is not going to give you good data. You should wear a HR monitor all day (e. g. a Garmin or Apple Watch or an Oura ring).

HRV is hot these days but is it proven to help with….anything?


In my experience (used a whoop for a while and tested some apps with Apple Watch) it makes a really great random number generator. At best it can tell me I didn’t get any rest when I feel super tired. Or even better I get 3hr of sleep and it tells me my recovery is 100% :melting_face:


That’s not what I was told by a coach with a PhD


I’m going to find out for myself

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Not entirely true

Basically - the best way to use HRV is under the same conditions every day.

Garmin only does it when you’re sleeping (at least by default). Basically - lying still, not moving, pulse is at your resting heart rate. It doesn’t do it during the day because to my understanding, the data isn’t reliable that way.

The other way to do it is first thing when you wake up, no coffee or any food. Sitting or lying down and not moving so your RHR can return to baseline. I used an app by Morpheus and a forearm sensor, but didn’t feel it gave me better data than the Garmin and it’s a pain to do it every morning.

Garmin works for me because it takes a bunch of readings throughout the night, you can see the graph / plot, and in my experience it’s tracked well with recovery, if I’ve had a hard workout, if I had a drink or two, or if I was getting sick

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Garmin for me overnight:

To me I like seeing the trend and the average, not just one number where I don’t really know what’s behind it.

And let’s be honest, I wear the watch anyways so it’s no extra effort.