HRV Training Tools

What tools are people using for HRV monitoring these days. I went through the archives, but it seemed like most of the discussion was from 2022. Are HRV4Training and Elite HRV still the two major options. I’m looking for something on iOS–iphone and apple watch. I also have a Garmin 520. Sorry for the shambling nature of the question…

Long running topic worth reviewing if you haven’t seen it.

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Thanks @mcneese.chad! Working my way through that–saw the '22 timestamp and wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything more recent.

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The one I’ve stuck with is Training Today. Cheap, simple, good watch UI.

Got an AW 8 in March and tried two apps - Athlytic and Training Today. Stuck with Athlytic. Years ago I used HRV4Training and its phone camera HR sensor for morning RHR. I use a Garmin 840 for recording rides.

The Apple Watch is not very good at HRV. By default you will only get around three samples during the night. You can improve this by turning on AFib History (which gives you a big warning), but still only every 15 min at best.

I used the Elite app for a bit but it was telling me all the time I had a 9 or 10 when I actually felt like I needed a rest and a 4 or 5 when I did rest.

Are you using it free or did you pay for the $20 lifetime sub? It’s cheap enough but I’m wondering if I’d even look at it.

Edit: Nevermind, I’m looking at Training Today. I searched Athlytic and Training Today popped up having paid for first position. Kind of annoying that searches don’t bring up what you searched for… :slight_smile:

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