Morpheus to prescribe effort?

Did a quick search and found this thread and one post from 2021. After listening to a jun 10 Peter Attia podcast with John Jamieson, who created Morpheus and has worked as a coach with hrv for more than 20 years, and hearing Attia effuse on the value he’s finding in it thought I’d check here and see what new perspective people may have, and to ask Nate whether TR has seen/experimented with the app as potential input to adaptive training or rl/gl. Seems like there could be possibilities based on what I heard in the podcast.

I haven’t listened to it but I don’t think we know “for sure” hrv works in real world conditions. The theory sounds great though.



Just listened to that podcast. I’ve been using a Whoop for about 4 years so am always interested in how to make more use of the data. I think what’s most interesting is HR Zone prediction. The strap is currently on back order but at only $100 USD I’m going to experiment with it for my endurance rides.

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I think HRV is another indicator to use to guide training, but would not use it as the primary indicator to prescribe training effort. I have had too many good days on lower HRV days, and vice versa. I think Morpheus is just another way to monetize some not fully baked science. At least it isn’t a subscription. Also this


Live shot of Morpheus prescribing your effort….


There are some interesting posts on the forum from people researching HRV in quite some depth, including two of the people working on developing the AlphaHRV IQ field for Garmin (Inigo_Tolosa and Luisma_Gallego_Soy_P)

It seems (to me) that it is still very much work in progress and that the optimum way to incorporate HRV into designing a training plan has not yet been found.