Calculating resting HR

I know the method of working out my resting HR but I can’t find any android app to just monitor my HR to do it.

I just want something to link to my Wahoo strap and show me my HR long enough to calculate it.

If you’ve not got a clever watch how does/did everyone else do it?

I just look at it on my phone while “resting” (like kicked back in the recliner). Not really calculated, just witnessed.

This app is free and works well.
It uses your phone’s camera to record but tracks surprisingly accurate vs a Hartmann monitor.


But what on your phone displays it please?

I don’t know of an app that shows live hr data (last time I tried I used Strava and deleted the session afterwards but Strava isn’t an option now)

EDIT: HRV Camera works perfectly, thanks y’all.

I have the wahoo fitness app (free). The wahoo utility (also free) would also to that.

Fingers on your pulse just when you wake, count how many heart beats in 15 seconds, multiply by 4

No app needed