Measuring progress with only indoor rides

I don’t race and with 2020 being 2020, haven’t been doing my usual Gran Fondo’s. This means my ramp test is my only real measurement of progress. That tends to go up for a few tests, then down a bit etc.

Today I did Alpe d’Huez on FulGaz. My average 1 hour power was 207 watts. My ramp test FTP is 217. Once I had finished, said I had set a new record of 217 watts for 20 minutes.

I managed to do 99% in the saddle and was happy that when it flattened back to single digits I could raise my cadence a bit. In the past once I started to slow I would have a problem picking it back up again.

I know this is still indoors, but this has made me feel very happy that progress is being made and when those Gran Fondo’s start again I will be faster by being less slow at the end, fading less.


Well done! This is why I like platforms like Zwift and FG, they let you see the practical gains from your hard work. Seeing FTP growth is nice but kind of one dimensional, seeing yourself chop time off of a segment/climb is more satisfying. Also feeling more fresh after that effort is not something an FTP test can measure


@bazcurtis, awesome job! I also don’t race, but try to do longer rides like gran fondos and centuries. I’ve only gotten one in each of the past two years but hope to get a bunch more this year, COVID and wife allowing. There’s always the option of going solo on a self-supported really long ride, which is how I got my century in this year in September. Anyway, not sure where you’re located but if it is anywhere near the US mid-Atlantic coast I recommend checking out

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UK :slight_smile: I have done a few solo metric Gran Fondo’s this year. One I have recorded for FulGaz so I can do it inside. Legs still feel good hours later. I take that as another good sign of progress. My wife bought be some magnesium spray for Christmas. I am trying that out as well.

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Nice and it is a good way of measuring progress by doing the same loop as long as your hardware is calibrated.

I also like to measure by 2+ hour power vs previous seasons in TR in the career section. Check my HR too to see how that is improving as a secondary stat.