AT progress levels and decreased FTP

After several months of unstructured training (outdoor rides and Zwift races) I am back doing 100% structured training using TR. I have enabled AT, and am seeing my levels progressing nicely. I have been completing workouts without issue, marking most as moderate, using an FTP from a couple of months back (TR ramp test). I messed around with my calendar, deleting events, and finally started again with 70.3 low volume base to get me up until a couple of weeks off for Christmas. Yesterday (Monday) I did the requisite ramp test, not really as fresh as I should have, having done Birling -3 and a quick brick run Sunday afternoon. TR docked me 7 watts (Garmin upped me 4, so now they both match exactly), which I accepted.

I couldn’t manually change it later without resetting my progress levels. So I’m sticking with it. But wondering what impact this is going to have as now the intensity is that little bit lower. Do I need to be concerned, or will AT just adjust based on the next few workouts?

This morning I did Fuji. I marked that as moderate, as I didn’t have to really focus or tell myself nearly done, although I found the repeats challenging (sprinting/high watts is my main weakness). Level increased as expected, but no adaptations even though next Monday’s sprint, Berryessa, is a lower level than Fuji.

Just wondering if I should increase intensity, manually update FTP, do another ramp test in a couple of days, or just crack on and not think about it. :slight_smile:


p.s. I’m training for a hilly Ironman as my A race next year, but that’s not until next September, so I just want to do base and try and get my short and long term power up. I’ve just started doing some weights, hence LV. Fitness tanked over summer, due to too much lockdown-induced bbq and wine! :wink:

It does not matter from training perspective. Just do the work and when you feel you definitely do the test, just do the test. Your FTP changes day by day by couple of watts, your power measuring device has 2% accuracity etc. 10W change is the amount that is minimal change that has real impact to your physical adaptations in a long term.

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