Matt Fitzgerald's Quick Start

I’m curious if anyone else on here has followed Matt Fitzgerald’s Quick Start program during an off-season phase to shed some unwanted pounds before getting back into base training?

My first child was born about 2 weeks ago and during the same time my father discovered he has a brain aneurysm. The two of these combined has really brought to light that although I train hard my diet is absolutely horrible and technically I would be considered obese (26%-ish body fat according to my WiFi scale). I also had a DEXA scan done about a year ago that put it at 27% I believe. I lost about 10 lbs through following a dedicated mid-volume plan and generally eating for performance but after a cross-country move, new job, pregnant wife, have gained about all that fat back (though with a bit more muscle thanks to putting together a home gym).

So at the current moment I’m kind of freaked out about health and thought 8-weeks dedicated to fat loss wouldn’t be such a horrible idea. The plan in the quick start guide claims 1.5 lbs/week which would bring me to about a healthy level to use as a jump-off point for the standard training load. However, I don’t want to lose the fitness gains I’ve accomplished this year on the bike (260ish W FTP > 300 W). Anyone have experience with the plan?

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I can’t help with QuickStart but I’ve been following the endurance diet to the best of my abilities 6-ish days a week and it’s fantastic. im sitting at 313 ftp right now, up from 166 a year ago. I understand your motivation as well- lost both parents to cancer in the last year and have a 3 & 5 year old. I’ve dropped 60 with another 60 to go.


Damn that’s a massive jump, congrats! And congrats on the 60 down, just as massive! What plan were you following for such a huge FTP jump? I followed a pretty strict MV SSB > Gen Build through lockdown after spending years just doing weights and mountain biking/racing enduro whenever I could.

I’m curious how different the endurance diet suggestions are from the Racing Weight guidelines, I assume they’re pretty similar but I should definitely pick up the Endurance Diet.

With two young ones I assume you have a significant other at home? If so do you share meals? I do pretty well with very basic meals but feel bad boring my wife with the same chicken, rice and veggie meals every night (I do most of the cooking).

I actually started with a peloton and then moved to TR in July with SSB1HV and some moderate to low SSB2HV compliance as caring for my mom became the priority. Currently doing SSB1MV.

We do pretty well with meals. Wife, kids and I all eat the same dinners, plus wife & kids take leftovers in lunch the following day. I just skew my dinner plate heavy vegetables and carbs. We don’t limit ourselves to just chicken, I just try to be more cognizant of portions with beef and pork (ie last night we had pork shoulder & sauerkraut). I make a big pot of oatmeal and some vegetable based soup with beans & greans and a grain such as farro for the week. I also make as many vegetables and grains ahead of time to ensure time doesn’t become an issue during the week.

The first thing is identifying the issue and you’ve done that. The next step is to cut out fast food, take-out, sweets, prepared packaged foods, and high glycemic carbs as much as possible.

I think you need to branch out beyond chicken and rice.

I got an Instant Pot and love the thing. I make lots of home made beans and lentils in it. Pot roast in it is super easy. Sweet potatoes are super fast in it. Chicken stew and vegetables takes 10 minute to prepare. The list is endless of what you can do with an Instant Pot.


I have followed all 3 of Matt’s books, and continue to “eat clean” 90% off the time. Doing the Quick Start for more than a few weeks, you will loose a bit of some parts of your fitness… if you are in a Build or Specialty Phase… However the benefits will be your W/KG. Which, for some of us is our main goal. I Just finished a Specialty Phase, and only have a week to get in the QuickStart this round… Before I restart Base Phase again. In saying that, I get a Dexa Scan every 6 months and got down to 12% BF.
That was 3 years ago, on the 1st generation Dexa Scan. Things have changed as they have found that the 1st and 2nd Generation of Dexa Scan’s accuracy is … very questionable. So I asked the professor about the Pro Cyclists being at 5%? He stated that unless they used just the caliper test to show 5%… not a new Dexa, that is possible. The new(generation 3) Dexa scan would put them closer to 10-12% apparently.
On the 3rd generation Dexa I suddenly jumped to 16.6% lol, But… so did my ftp due to Matt’s books, and TR guidance. I totally suggest the Quickstart, and continue what your body can do throughout Base Phase I. I am now 3 years into TR… and at 48 just got 3.94 w/kg. Thanks to Matt and

  • almost forgot, I too have a wife, but no kids in the house… for the most part, we eat different meals and usually different times but this is also due in part to work and sleep habits

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