Racing Weight - Quick start

Hi All,

I’ve been reading Matt Fitzgerald’s ‘Quick Start’ book and thinking of giving it a go before this winter’s base training. Its going to be difficult because I work away from home, dieting and eating in hotels/restaurants is not a good combination however, my question is about using TR workouts to achieve the plan in the book:

  • has anybody followed this plan and had success, any advice?
  • which TR workouts most closely resemble the ones in the book
  • has anybody built a custom 4-6 week plan based on it
  • the new calendar feature looks ideal for this. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

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I looked and never found any plans which were available for Training Peaks or for TR. So, I made my own workouts using workout builder. It really doesn’t take long. I’d probably say the best thing to do is sit down and grind out the entire plan in the calendar though as when your motivation is lacking and you have to write a workout, you may choose to just skip it. I think the key to his plan is to figure out 2 or 3 standard meals where you know the calories so you can just go to those meals without having to think about what you are going to eat. I think it is all in the preparation. That, sadly is where I failed with the plan. As far as hotel eating, just eat oatmeal and a couple hard boiled eggs for breakfast, then a salad with chicken breast for lunch. You can find these anywhere. Maybe salmon and veggies for dinner. It is all pretty doable if you look for options that fit. His meal choices were pretty unappealing to me so I just need to make my own that fit the idea of what he is trying to do. The summery is, calories deficit, sprint workouts on the bike and some weight lifting/core work to build muscle.

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