Matching an Outdoor Ride to a Workout

Billy Mitchell is 100 minutes of SS which is over twice what you rode. It would be better to more closely match the work interval than the overall workout time. I suggest looking for something in the library that is more like 2:15-2:30 with maybe 60 minutes is SS.

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Cheers Derek

I have changed to something more like what you have suggested above. I must have focussed on the TSS rather than the duration in SS when I selected Billy Mitchell before.

Guess the delta in TSS is driven by the fact that my “rests” between SS will be at a higher wattage?

Matching TSS is not as important as matching the actual energy systems and durations that you’re doing in the ride (ie Tempo or Sweet Spot or VO2 max).

Dont worry! ‘Levels V2’ is our next iteration of Adaptive Training that will be able to identify the work you’re doing in those unstructured rides, assign workout levels per energy system, change your Progression Level based upon that ride, and then result in Adaptations of your future workouts if necessary! No more having to hunt for a TR workout that looks similar to the work you did, Adaptive Training will do that work for you.

In the meantime though, focus on the time spent in those systems, not overall TSS. TSS alone isn’t speaking to what you’re doing comprehensively in those rides.


Thanks Ivy

So, when that’s coming? This looks exciting :slight_smile:


It IS exciting! Workout Levels V2 is still our developer’s highest priority. While there’s not concrete timeline as we identify and address any issues that arise that could alter that release date, next steps will be Early Access for some athletes to test this feature out.

I’ll be sure to provide updates on the forum as soon as they are available!


Well, I think we all are watching with interest on how this evolves. It should be exciting once out, everyone wants to ride outside in an unstructured way and get some credit (even if little in end).


This’ll be a game changer for me. As someone who cycles heavily outside but still loves the TR ecosystem, it’ll really allow me to maintain those PLs all the time!!

Thanks, and I look forward to beta testing hopefully soon! :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too! I’m watching this space very eagerly, checking in every few days with the expectation of one day just seeing a lot of activity on the forum with regard to the release (even if only for early access) to progression levels v2.

Very excited for this!


Wow, this will be a serious game changer for a lot of people.
Nice, TR.


I wonder if TR might consider a communications approach that differs from “top priority, working hard, coming soon but we don’t want to commit to when” and move to “we don’t anticipate releasing it within the next x (weeks/months).” There are plenty of posts in multiple threads reiterating the series of comments and the length of time since it was first communicated so I won’t repeat them, but it’s all about managing expectations. I don’t think you’ll get any flak from people if something happens when it releases earlier than communicated, but it could avoid the noise about people feeling led on or expectations created (legit or not) and people being frustrated.

Offered as a constructive suggestion…

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The constructive criticism is appreciated for sure. I agree that athlete’s wouldn’t be mad if we released earlier than a communicated expectation date.

I’ll explain why we speak in ‘priorities’ rather than ‘timelines’.

We lean upon communicating the priorities of features to athletes so that there is a clear idea of what we are working on, but externally communicating ship dates would actually do a worse job of managing expectations and cause us to release sub-par features.

Software development is non-linear in nature, as new issues arise while a feature is being built that need to be isolated and addressed throughout. That said, strictly adhering to a ship date would result in releasing a sub-par product. We instead stay focused on delivering a specific functionality and athlete experience, and build for that.

Please don’t hesitate to follow up if you have questions about any of this, I’ll expand upon it as effectively as I can!


I agree, doing a quick search of “highest developer priority”, I found this post from Dec 2021 where

Which is very similar to the update in this thread

So when you see posts like

about a feature you would really like to see, I can’t help but think “don’t hold your breath”

Agreed, but nobody is asking you to do that, as a software developer, I fully get that software is none linear and to be careful about setting expectations (especially in systems like the ones that I work on where peoples lives are at risk) but by causally throwing about the “highest priority” statement, you ARE setting expectations that is coming soon, and by doing it for 11 months+ you are raising disappointment (the girl who cried wolf)

Personally, a better way to do it would be to have a pinned post in this forum that only TrainerRoad staff could post to with updates on the features you are working on, which would save all the “highest priority” posts, so we could have a central place to look to rather than searching for the latest “developers highest priority” post,


We think communicating the roadmap in terms of priority (what we do now) is the best balance right now. We don’t mean for it to come off as dishonest.


Back to the OP of “matching an outdoor ride”…

One hack you might be able to do is create your own workout based on a favorite local ride(s). You could look at data for the duration of the ride and try to simulate it in workout builder. For example, if you start out flat for 20 minutes but then have a 10 min hill where you have to up the watts, you can take your average (%FTP) over that segment and plug that into the workout. It won’t be perfect but it can get you close.

If you had 3-5 rides in the custom folder in TR to choose from might be easier then digging through the data base every time to find a match.

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That is such a good idea, I wonder if you could use “Convert GPX workout to Zwift Workout”, bit of a work but you could use TrainerDay to import it (free) to send it to Training Peaks and then import it into TR in effect creating WLV1,9

Currently struggling with matching rides also. I have a bike abroad, no power meter, forgot my HRM, trying desperately to match things which are probably fundamentally unmatchable and having no idea if I got it right or made my numbers go too low or too high … is it coming soon? I honestly believed from the marketing blurb that TR already had it when I signed up! Or maybe I read what I wanted to read…

If you don’t have a power meter and you still want to get the most out of TR while riding outdoors, we’d recommend using TR Outside Workouts paired up with riding by feel.

We don’t recommend trying to match unstructured outdoor rides to TR Workouts. It can be difficult to do and may lead to inaccurate Progression Levels.

For the sake of setting expectations appropriately, Workout Levels V2 will still need power data to function as intended – it will not be able to assign Progression/Workout Levels to unstructured rides without power.

WLV2 is still our top priority at this time and our devs are hard at work on it!


Any update on this feature? With better spring weather now most workouts are outside so would be great to match more closely to the TR worksites from the library

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No update on our timeline, but I promise we’re chipping away at it!

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