Am I associating rides correctly?

I do a mixture of Zwift, TR, and outdoor unstructured rides.

I haven’t associated any TR workouts to my Zwift/Outdoor rides previously and started doing it this morning for my last few weeks, I’ve been matching the TSS and IF and Duration and noticed that my adaptive training has fired me up levels higher i was previously. Not a problem, but the jumps for some of them are +3 or +4.

Am i calculating the associations correctly?

An example of a zwift ride last week:

VO2 Max 1.2 > 5.0 (+ 3.8)

It’s hard to tell without reviewing the specific rides you associated with various TR workouts. I’m not sure how TR handles unstructured rides for AT, but outside workouts are assumed to “pass.” If AT handles unstructured rides the same (eg assumes you “passed” the TR workouts you associated, and you did it for rides over the last couple of weeks, then maybe +3 is reasonable.

Have you completed TR workouts at these new PLs? Do they feel “right?”

Thats not as important as matching the actual energy systems that you’re doing in the ride (ie Tempo or Sweet Spot or VO2 max).

Dont worry! ‘Levels V2’ is our next iteration of Adaptive Training that will be able to identify the work you’re doing in those unstructured rides, assign workout levels per energy system, change your Progression Level based upon that ride, and then result in Adaptations of your future workouts if necessary! No more having to hunt for a TR workout that looks similar to the work you did, Adaptive Training will do that work for you. :sunglasses: