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I was wondering if your software attempts to at least recognize the TSS or Average Power from outdoor rides to adjust the progression levels or adapt the future trainings? I have noticed that no matter how hard or easy the outdoor rides are, the “system” always classifies them as Achievable and does not adjust anything for the future. Also that progression levels go backwards as opposed to adjust. I ask because I have put in many more TSS and higher IF’s than those recommended by the Indoor workouts. It would be good for the software to give us credit for the outdoor efforts.

At the moment I don’t believe AT looks at u structured outdoor riding. But if you are taking your prescribed workouts and just doing them inside then it should give you credit for them as long as you have it ‘associated’ with the workout.

Short version: No

Long version: I run into the same problem as a high volume rider. I just do whatever workout I feel like that I feel is achievable and ignore AT.

What I don’t understand is that, I think any way, Train Now does take into account outdoors TSS but AT can’t :exploding_head:

TrainNow uses your recent training load to recommend one of its 3 workout styles (Endurance, Climbing, and Attacking) each day. It’s not using TSS to guide the specific workout suggestions
it gives within each category—those are driven purely by your Progression Levels.

Right now, Adaptive Training will incorporate any outdoor ride that’s associated with a structured TR workout into its understanding of your training. But we continue working very hard on adding the ability for Adaptive Training to fully and seamlessly integrate all the work you do (indoors or out, structured or not) into every aspect of how it adapts your plan. As we often say, we don’t like to give timelines on features, but this continues to be one of our highest development priorities.

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They’re working on it.

In the meantime, ask yourself why you want AT to give you credit for your unstructured outdoor efforts. Are your indoor workouts consistently too easy? If not, your levels are properly set anyway.

AT’s purpose is to reduce workout failures, not to keep score. I suspect a lot of people are going to be disappointed when AT begins analyzing unstructured rides. Your levels simply aren’t going to shoot up the way you want them to.