Massage Guns-Effective?

Thank you for this recommendation. I bought one today and I love it. You rock!

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I use a rad rod. I tried one at the gym and really like it. This thing is brilliant! It is very much like a rolling pin but with a solid metal core and heavy and thinner.


I got something similar as well. The China knock off massage guns are actually pretty spot on. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the branded ones just got a Chinese company to supply them.

For 50-60 bucks, they are totally worth it. Beats asking my partner to massage my legs after a workout.

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Hi guys, since many years I have high tension in my muscular and fascial system. Then recently got a new Theragun 4G clone with 16mm stroke length and tried to work on tight muscles. I thought massage guns are made for recovery and to loose things up. The only thing I felt the next day was heavy sore muscles like after heavy work out. Ok maybe I should point out that I used the pin point to target precisely the tight “muscle balls” that I could feel. Like acupuncture.

Anyone with the same experience?

I have the similar “tiger tail”

works wonder.
Had tight calf last weekend and my wife rolled my calfs with that. Lots of good pain. Next day, pain free!

we’ve had a full size Thumper for twenty years and it can be a little rough… don’t get it close to your spine! To be honest it is a little too aggressive for my tastes.

We also have a collection of stuff like random 3’ foam roller, various wooden foot rollers, message sticks, and a TriggerPoint’s GRID 2.0 foam roller:

That GRID foam roller is my favorite. After rotator cuff surgery I had a frozen shoulder and went to the PT for over 6 months. Since I can’t go to a PT for every sore muscle, I pull out the GRID and a couple minutes later all is good.


I owe a Globus EMS. Can you suggest when to
use it and what programs?


I’ve had a couple of GRID foam rollers for a number of years and they hold up really well. The shorter version is a little more portable if you want to take it to events, although not quite as portable as the collapsible foam roller that you can get from Brazyn (available at

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what areas did you work on for this ??

powerdots are great, you can control it via your mobile phone:

The theragun is expensive but worth it IMO.

I actually did a review on it and they did a pretty good job. I’m also a physical therapist.


Hello everyone,

I have started sweetspot base high volume 1 and also trying to loose some weight (about 4-5 kg). So i have to both follow the plan and make a little calori deficit. But doing both of them at the same time can be hard and my recovery process lasts a little bit longer. That’s why i am planing to buy a massage gun (theragun g2pro).

I juat wonder your thoughts about it. Does it worth it? Is it help for recovery? And bwy some people says theragun g2 is so loudly. Is it really too?

For me, a massage gun is a good way of loosening up very tight muscles and the „knots“ cycling can give you. The science on massage in general is rather shaky, but it gives me good feeling when legs are very „clogged“. Foam rolling has about the same effect for me, but I like the gun better.
Mine was just over €100 with 4 different „heads“, so not really the type of investment the original Thera Gun is.


I just hand massage my legs after every ride. I do about 5 minutes per leg while watching TV (I only do my quads and hamstrings) and I find it makes a huge difference the next day.


I have bought Theragun g2 and use it both before and after every ride. I don’t know if its plesebo or real but i feel better with it.

Just got one of these to tackle my leg issues. It was one of the £70 Amazon ones, very impressed with quality, plus it’s quiet and the battery seems to last ages. Soon find out if they actually do anything though


I read one person used this tool for a pinched nerve in their neck. Anyone else have experience treating pinched neck/shoulder nerves?

my massage gun is very effective at making my cat angry. He will try to knock it out of my hand if I use it when he’s around.

Also, it feels pretty good


I’ve been using a Theragun elite for several weeks now. I also try to use Normatec boots right before bed for 60 min. Routine is typically to work over the legs with the gun, then hop in the boots for an hour while relaxing for bedtime.

I definitely notice a big reduction in next day muscle soreness, leg heaviness. More specifically, it is most noticeable the mornings that I don’t use the gun/boots. I also have a lot of hot spots in my legs that when they get bumped by a kids knee are excruciatingly painful. These areas are definitely less painful.

Puts a little more pep in my step, which is always a good thing. I’m 44 for reference.


Hello Gents,

This could help.