Massage Guns-Effective?

Just got the timtam pro. I’ve always been plagued by IT band issues and it seems like so much work with relative low/short term relief when using foam rollers or tennis balls

The ability to target practically any muscle has been amazing. My hip flexors in particular seem to release and I found I could stretch a little deeper.

Could be all psychological right now but am definitely digging it.

Are these essentially hammer drills set to hammer only?

More like a jig saw. And in fact, there are some DIY vids and guides that start with saws.

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That would be a rotary hammer.

A good idea, indeed.

got the Kraft one probably in late Augusts and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. in heavy rotation; game changer after those 250+ TSS rides.


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I don’t have a massage gun but do have a PowerDot, similar device I suppose.

The PowerDot active recovery and massage functions work. Increase performance? Doubtful but it 100% makes me feel better in whichever part of the body I’m using it on.

I’d recommend to a friend.



Got one and works very well at relieving pressure after a stressful session on the bike

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If you use it then it might be worth it to you. Like most things, a lot of it is marketing; that being said I tried one once and it felt darn good. Seriously thinking of getting one for leg & back massages. This thread has me thinking of my compex (EMS) that I used religiously for 2yrs but is now collecting dust. I max out my chiropratic visits every year, my girlfriend goes to a massage place every now and then. Between the 2 of us we could justify it.

I highly recommend reading “Good to Go” by Christie Aschwanden; it’s an easy read and cuts through a lot of the recovery gimmicks. If it works for you by placebo… then it already works!

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Uh yeah, those are designed to “relieve pressure” until you reach a climax of relaxation. :rofl:


Good book I read last year. It’s saved me a lot of time and money on “recovery” methods and devices.

Thanks. Been wanting one. Just paid $110 on Amazon.

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With the lockdown i’ve had more time for indoor training, running and general exercise.

I’ve always kept on top of stretching and foam rolling which has helped, but i am starting to feel more sore with tight spots that seem hard to hit.

Im tempted to get a massage gun… but they are expensive.

So please - if you’ve used one, how do you feel about it? Has it helped? Was it worth it?
Any good studies to share?

I want to hear peoples experience because i do not underestimate the benefits of it making you ‘feel’ better, even if the science isn’t 100% conclusive just yet.


I enjoy it. It feels great. There are cheap knockoffs of hypervolts on Amazon that look like they came straight from the same factory. I’ve had good luck with them for like $120

I bought this Wahl Massager for $42 and it’s great. My father bought a Theragun cordless for almost $400 and I can’t notice a difference in how it massages. This massager is my go to in the evenings and makes giving my wife a massage so much easier when I’m finished.

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I use cheap car buffer for my legs pre-workout. I feel it helps loosen and warmup the muscles.

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Gotta day that I love my massage gun.
We got a cheap knock off from amazon as well and it’s been going strong for almost a year now.
Well worth the money in my opinion

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I got this one 2 months ago and love it. I’ve worked on some problem areas and find it comparable to a real massage. It also does a great job on the general “it feels good” pre or post workout massage. I love the fact its cordless (my last massager had to be plugged in). I was having a hamstring issue at the time i bought this that was really acting up on a couple multi hour car drives and I was able to take this with me on a long road trip which really helped. It runs for a week or so on a charge for me. Can’t wait to take it to a race!

Can’t comment on any actual science but this definitely scores 100 on the feels good/seems to help non scientific test.

Here is an inexpensive one from monoprice.
They are a pretty reputable company from my dealings with them.