Massage Guns-Effective?

I’ve been using mine near daily now since Christmas, not sure I can tell any obvious improvement but it’s been a while since I’ve had any type of doms. Also used it on a cramped up calf on the lowest setting which I found really loosened it up for the rest of the day.
The first time I used it on my it band I bruised up nicely on the knotted up spots. So far happy with it and will continue

I think they are effective, but it depends on the quality of the massage gun, I think. One male friend of mine got one Hypervolt and think it’s awesome to relieve their soreness. I backed one massage gun called Urikar AT1 on kickstarter last year, which turns out to be great. But I cannot see it on Amazon now. It is the first massage gun I had. I use it to relieve my calf soreness, and it helps. I cannot feel too many differences because I don’t work out too much or too hard.

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I’ve been using a Theragun Prime for a month daily after exercise and I’ve noticed a reduction in general discomfort (pumped muscles, soreness, cramps etc.) and my legs feel lighter and fresher after use. Great as a pre-stretching tool too, loosens things off enough to relax into deeper and longer stretching.

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So were does the consensus stand at the moment, sub $100 dollar one from amazon, or get something from one of the big brands?

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I picked up a Theragun Pro when they were $200 off during the last Black Friday sale. Still seemed like a lot of money to spend, but I use it almost daily, and think it really does make a difference. Can’t comment on the cheaper alternatives.

I have a cheap one from amazon (TaoTronics is the brand) and it has been great - there are many other alternatives.

I can’t compare against the big brands but I have used it nearly daily for circa a year and have had no problems. Placebo or not I really feel that it helps with loosing my legs in the evening.

I have a $100 amazon one, a Theragun mini, and often use a friend’s Hypervolt 2.

  • The name brands are a bit better built, less flex/creaking
  • The amazon one is actually the quietest
  • There is a little bit less strength on the Amazon one (but I will pretty much use any gun at max power 90% of the time)
  • 20 speeds on the Amazon one mean 1-10 is useless 15 - 18 - 20 are closely matched to the legit ones three speeds.
  • Battery life is similar across the board, good enough for a week of use between charges
  • Theragun Mini is by far my favorite, the key is the smaller size allows me to hit my legs on a long drive home from a mountain training ride or race.

Just got the Bondir R2 from Costco for $90.24 ($99.99 - $20 discount + $2.99 shipping + $7.26 tax) for my lower back. Not bad and can sleep through the night after use.

I highly suggest the physion massage gun. Top quality

I got this one off of Amazon back in November 2021 for $95.00 (U.S.).

It comes with 10 different head attachments and I honestly could not be happier with it thus far.

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That looks like similar to the Sharper Image massage gun at Costco:

Only 6 attachments but works great. My wife found it in December for $50 at a local discount store that specializes in returned merchandise (mostly Costco returns). It was new and never opened.

My Amazon branded massage gun failed after 7 months. Zero support. Don’t do it. Spend once, cry once.

Does anyone have any experience with these from the UK? A lot of the options out there seem to be unavailable here - the ones recommended on the youtube video above for example.

I can find the Toloco one on UK amazon (which was recommended above) but wondering if any other experiences out there? Thanks!

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A few years ago a PT gave me a free 20 minute dose of G5 treatment on my legs when I tore cartilage in my knee, I think woman use G5 treatments to get rid of cellulite off their legs and arses.

Legs felt 20years younger after it… amazing.

Think Christiano Ronaldo might have brought out one of the gun type things recently.

Any thoughts on the smaller guns vs the larger. Specifically

vs something like

I can’t speak to the guns you mentioned, but my dad has a a hypervolt go (or whatever their small gun is that has won awards). The go is so weak compared to the hypervolt pro or a Theragun elite that I’d consider it a waste of cash.

That’s just my n=1 experience, but I’d not waste money.

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Perfect that’s exactly the information I was hoping to find before wasting the cash on the small one.


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The reviews on most guns I looked at were good but this one had the most reviews (surely 5,000 folk can’t be wrong :thinking:) so I plumped for it. Sometimes DOMs (like last night) disturbs my sleep a fair bit, I didn’t get on with a foam roller so I am going to see if a massage gun is any good.


I like my massage gun, it feels good, but I’m not entirely sure I think it helps on the bike. I’d say the same for my normatech boots. I use both often though. My wife gets shoulder issues sometimes, almost like cramping, and she says the gun can get rid of it in just a few seconds.


I have this one. They seem to have a decent reputation. I’ve had it for a year and it works well. More than anything I’ve used it on my traps and neck muscles as sitting at a computer all day doesn’t help those.

[LifePro Sonic Pro Percussion Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussive Back Massager Device for Pain Relief | Gun Massager w/ 75 Lbs Stall Force, 8 Massager Gun Attachments Massagers for Neck and Back (Blue)](LifePro Sonic Pro Percussion Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussive Back Massager Device for Pain Relief | Gun Massager w/ 75 Lbs Stall Force, 8 Massager Gun Attachments Massagers for Neck and Back (Blue)