Best day for lower body weight training

If I’m going to do lower body weight training (squats, dead lifts, lunges; nothing too hard core), what day makes the most sense for my goals?

Started Sweet Spot Base 1 - low volume, with workouts on Tue (1hr) Thur (1hr) Sun (1.5hr). Occasionally, do an additional easy 45 min ride once a week if it’s nice out. 3 days a week I run an easy 3 miles, then play full court basketball for an intense 1.5 hrs on Saturday.

Experience: 2 years casual riding

Goals: General athleticism and to fill out my jockeys. Finish a 2 day 150 mile ride April '19 comfortably and stronger than I did last year. Generally improve bike fitness for an Olympic or half IM triathlon late Fall '19 (goal of finishing strong, not racing).

Appreciate your input!

The goal is to recover enough from your lifting to still be able to perform in your TR workouts. With that in mind, I think Thursday evening is the best choice (assuming you ride TR in the mornings). Your Tuesday/Thursday workouts are more likely to be taxing on your legs (over-unders and VO2 Max). Maybe not in SSB1 LV now, but they will be later. You have 3 days to recover from the leg routine before your next ride on Sunday, which will be lower intensity. You just have to see how you feel though. During Build and Specialty phases the TR work is too much and I have to drop legs from my lifting and reintroduce it in Base again.

That makes sense. I like that recommendation. Thanks!

I just finished ssb1&2 with a split like this:

Monday rest
Tuesday TR
Wednesday gym - core and upper body
Wednesday TR
Friday rest
Saturday TR
Sunday Gym - leggs

I had to modify my legday to put more emphasis on the posterior chain.

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I am doing SSBLV2 and following the following schedule

Monday: TR in the morning, gym in the evening with lighter weights and more repeats focussing on becoming more balanced.

Tuesday rest

Wednesday evening doing that weeks long TR ride

Thursday rest

Friday: TR in the morning and gym in the evening but this time it’s the power hour. The focus is on getting stronger legs/body where the repeats are low and weight is higher.

Saturday and Sunday rest or an really easy outside ride.
This way I have enough rest and enough power in my legs to complete everything