Plan Build for me? If so how?

Ok, Can Plan Builder be for me? If so how? Been riding training for the pass 2 year but no real structural training. Would like to get faster for what I do. I race/ride long off road Bikepacking events. Most of the time they are 300miles give or take 50miles. I ride them basically none stop. My braking point is around 43hrs when I need to take a quick 15 min nape then good to go. This has happen Twice on 50+ hour events. I do ok, finishing in the top 5 just because I don’t stop. I’m not even close to the fastest guys out there. I can just keep on keep on.
I do around 6 of these events per year for the past 2 year going in to my 3 season. How can I use Plan build for 30+ hour event? I have tried but it doesn’t work.

We recommend selecting the event type of “Gran Fondo” for your event.

The training for a Gran-Fondo is very similar to what you need for an ultra-endurance event. They are both steady state events, with the main difference being the %FTP you ride at on race day. The preparation for both would be:

Base: Sweet Spot Base
Build: Sustained Power Build
Specialty: Century

You may want to sub out some very long endurance rides on the weekend when possible, but in general, this approach will suit your event needs very well :+1:.