Marathon run training plan recommendation?

Do you have any recommendations for a marathon training plan? I am wanting to train for a 3:30-3:45 marathon. I loved using TrainerRoad to buckle at Leadville 100 MTB. I wish that you had a run specific program similar to the plan builder. Any suggestions for a training plan or resources would be appreciated. Thanks for any advice that you can share.

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That depends so much on your starting point and personal preferences. Do you have limited experience and like running easy and often? Start BarryP. Do you have years of experience on shorter distances and appreciate a good pummeling on the track? Try Jack Daniels. Not sure and want a reasonably balanced approach? McMillan maybe or Joe Friel.

Unless you are looking to shave seconds off a PB or BQ or something I wouldn’t overthink it though. Build mileage gradually. Run often. Make sure to have a few runs in the 2:30 - 3 hr range. Maintain some legspeed. Don’t get injured.


Check this out:

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What he said is basically it.
Volume is king. Slowly add running miles. Try to stay healthy. It is ridiculously easy to get hurt training for a running race.
Step 1. add volume and sustain for a few weeks (proabbly looking in the 50 mile range, 5 to 6 days of running, 1 long).
Step 2. Add speed (probably wiser to add miles at MG pace than shredding 5k pace miles)

Granted, its easier said than done.
Best of luck.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen EVERY marathon training plan summarized so beautifully. Well done.

Yep - marathon training is easy in theory - run as many miles as you can without getting injured…as mentioned volume is really the only thing that matters unless you’re really fast (sub 2:30). I ran sub 2:47 -2:48 regularly on LSD and some tempo/marathon paced runs. Run off road for your long runs - do at least 3 preferably 5 long runs of 20+miles or 3 hours if it would take you longer than that for a 20 at an easy pace. Only spend 10 weeks building up - any longer wears you down and alternate a long v easy long run with a shorter (3/4 distance) run finishing with 3 miles at MP.

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If you are a Strava subscriber you get a basic marathon plan from McMillan for free. It’s largely the usual weekly long/speed/tempo mix but if you stick with it and do all the key sessions (mostly long progressive runs) it can easily get you into very good marathon shape.

Have a look at the Trenara app.

I like Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 plans, and the philosophy behind them.

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Thanks for the link. Makes interesting reading.

Pfitzinger Advanved Marathoning

This is a good plan.
Its has a metric ton of miles tho. So its not for everyone.

FWIW, I have done a plan similar to Pfitz and it was my first BQ time (3.06 at Philly in 2014)

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