Doing a running Marathon, perhaps? How do I get started

Hello there,

I was wondering, if any of you guys in here - have done a Marathon? I havent been running for a long time - besides the company yearly 5k running. Without much work i do a 5k in around 20-21minutes every year.

I am en pretty good shape due to all the cycling I do - and I was wondering, if i started to train for a running marathon, how would i proceed? Would it take as long of a time to train for as many other? And how do you I schedule it without my cycling will hurt so much? (Im just a eager cyclist attending a couple of races pr. year - and just competitive against my friends)


I did a number of half-marathons, for which training is quite similar (but recovery a lot easier). A good portion of marathon training is getting your body used to running economically over long periods of time - therefore an important portion of the training is at easy paces, over ever-longer distances. That part is not helped by bike training; it’s different muscles and different loading.

Depending on how much you want to get into it, a minimum of 3 runs per week, with one stretching eventually towards 2h-long, is required; 4 would be better (one base run, one shorter intervals, one long intervals, one endurance).

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You just need to start running. I would suggest start with 2-3 miles 3 days a week and then a 5 mile run on the weekend. You will have to start adding miles to each run. Once you are around 25-30 miles per week then I would say your legs are ready for a “simple, easy” marathon cycle. I would gradually build your miles per week over a 12 week cycle to max out at 45 miles per week for two weeks then start a two week taper. Within this 12 week period you should do 1 - 16 miler, 2 - 18 and 2 - 20. One day per week pick a run that is 8-10 miles and run 6-8 miles at an rpe of 7 or so. All of the other runs should be easy. Take a look at Hal Higdon’s training plans, free online I’ve known a small number of people use his plans. He is all about getting you to the start line injury free. Don’t start jumping into speed work it is not necessary and increase risk of injury. Running at an easy pace will make your legs stronger.

Your cycling will be impacted by how much depends on how running is going to stress your legs.

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