Manually Mark Workout as Failed

I recently completed TB HV 1-3 and then built a low-volume plan with plan builder planning on just manually piling on Z2 after the holidays as is possible. This produced an interesting (and painful) effect in adaptive training where it appears that it pretty quickly maxed out PLs of the sweet spot workouts with very little to no recovery. Okay, that’s fine. I did a few of those and then crashed hard failing two of those workouts this week.

Yesterday, I ended up accidentally discarding a workout where I didn’t even make it through the first interval. I was wondering if there is a manual way to mark that workout as failed so AT slowly scales down the intensity on these workouts?

Any other hack around for this kind of stuff?

There is a time based degradation to the PLs built into each training zone. If you have a PL of 5 in endurance and you keep just doing 3s eventually it will lower your PL just from time of not working at that level. Not sure if that time is different for each zone or what the times are, but have noticed it happening.

Skipped workouts also seem to trigger AT to suggest adaptations. So if you want to fake a fail for lack of a better term you can just leave it on your calendar and it should take the miss as a “fail”. I’ve had this trigger an adaptation the next day.

Lowering intensity a certain amount will also trigger a fail. I did 10% on a ride to test after a back injury which popped as a fail at the end. Not sure if 10% is a set point or not but it is what I had set it to. So you can just drop the next ride in that training zone down to a point you can finish it to get a workout in and should still get a fail so it adjusts.

You can also email support and see if your discarded ride is still floating around in their system to restore it. Not sure if it works the same as an accidental delete but I’ve had them recover a ride after an oops.

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