AT upgrading workouts despite failure

Progression level has me at 7.6 and so Midway is within the productive category (as per Train Now).
Long story short, I imploded during the workout which necessitated me to decrease to 60% to just even finish.
So. WTH, Adaptive Training.

I have skipped these adaptations in the interest of not having another spectacular implosion.


Kudos to you for gutting it out …

… but you should have just stopped. There’s zero point in carrying on doing VO2 Max intervals at 60%. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I also had similar AT outcome so now it’s N=2. I had illness annotation from last Fri to Sun. Illness went worse so I change the end date to Thu, but my intension was not Thu but Wed. So I changed annotation end date again to Wed. Then AT give me breakthrough workouts as results of adaptation. I kinda know how AT works so manually fixed them(instead of opening ticket). Wrong adaptation happened for only this week.

What did you rate the workout as?

Was a group workout with a buddy. Didn’t want to bail on her.

I couldn’t complete a workout this morning, selected “Too intense”, and it knocked by my progressions.

You selected “poor sleep” so maybe the machine just assumes if you’d a good nights sleep, the progressions are fine?

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Didn’t even allow me to rate. Went straight to the reason why I thought I failed this one.

So what did you state as the reason?

I honestly don’t know. I recently finished a rotation of x3 12 hour night shifts and I assumed it was that.

I think the reason you choose can affect the way PLs are handled, so if you said it was time or something similar it would give you a pass and PL increase. If you said it was too intense or training fatigue it might down rate PLs.


Looking into this for you now! Please keep an eye out for an email from a support member. They’re going to dig into the full scope of your workout completion, surveys, Progression Levels, and adaptations to provide some insight.

I’ll follow up on this thread as well when its resolved update athletes following along as well. :+1:


Poor sleep.

Thanks Ivy. Also. You’re so awesome. Fan girl moment :blush:

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When does TR count it as a failed workout?
Did Norgarrd today and for 2 of the intervals the trainer in ERG mode just didn’t react to the interval, I had my cadence up to 140 but the resistance wouldn’t kick up from the recovery resistance so I couldn’t hit the target. Was worried TR would downgrade me because of this ( I did hit or exceed on the other intervals, including the ones that came after the trainer/computer mess up) but it didn’t, it upgraded my progression levels and adapted my future workouts to be harder ones.

Didn’t show my progression level increase in the Strava photo though :rage:

From what you describe, I think it was considered a Success. I don’t think we have a hard answer on the precise moments that divide a Success / Struggle. If you get most of the workout even with some deviation, it seems to count as a success. If you miss intervals, downgrade the intensity or otherwise don’t meet 90% (totally made up value) of the workout goals, you may end up with the Struggle Survey.

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Achievement Unlocked: Hero Mode


Interesting, I feel like sometimes I have received the struggle survey also where I hit all the targets but then rated the workout hard when I wasn’t supposed to lol.

Yes, its possible to get that survey if you rate something line an Achievable or Productive workout as Very Hard (just one example). That’s because it should not be that hard based on your PL vs the workout PL.

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TR should make it more clear in the details of a performed workout

  • what TR thinks of your workout compliance
  • what your survey response was and
  • what both data points together got interpreted to going forward.

Following up here to provide some information about this instance of surveys and Progression Level results.
In summary, YES, your survey response will impact how we interpret your workout, and Adaptive Training was working as intended in that regard.

Adaptive Training treats those survey responses differently in conjunction with the compliance of your workout to suggest changes that appropriately reflect them individually. Since you indicated that sleep was the reason that you struggled with the workout, your Progression Level didn’t decrease following the workout. That workout level should be appropriate with a full night’s sleep next week! AT would have adjusted your next workout differently had you told us that the workout was too intense for you.

Nice work being prompt and honest about those survey responses, it helps Adaptive Training meet your needs even more effectively!