Workout Failure?


So I complete the below workout this morning and was struggling on the last interval and decided to skip the overs intervals at 105%, got out of the saddle and messed up the last few minutes. In addition I didn’t stick to the Z2 watts for final 15 mins and just put it in standard and rode on feel as no point killing myself as legs not great.

My first non compliant workout in ages and was expecting a failure but it was marked as successful and PL increased. I selected “All out” in the survey as legs were kooked.

I think its only the actual work intervals assessed for failure? And I guess it wasn’t too far off and perhaps was borderline, anyone experience similar?

It is mainly the ‘on’ intervals (and not recoveries) that are assessed but given you’ve struggled to reach the target in the latter ‘on’ intervals (particularly in the 15/20mins of Z2) I would have expected a ‘well done for struggling through, why did you struggle today’ survey regardless of your previous ‘All Out’ response (which would only have confirmed things I think). Maybe the system though gives more weighting to Threshold (over/ under ) compliance, less to Tempo, less again to Endurance and subsequently less again to Recoveries in its analysis of over all compliance. Its maybe worth contacting support for an explanation of what is going on.

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I’ve had one or two recently where I’ve struggled through the last interval and was surprised no immediate struggle survey*. However, a self selected “all out” did give me the struggle survey - did all out not give you that? iirc unless you select “workout intensity” it will still give progressions.

*I was grinding through, which in the past has given me a struggle survey based on the drop in cadence.

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I did select “All Out” but then selected “Sleep” which meant progressions as normal. I have since went back in and selected “Intensity” and it has now downgraded my next threshold workout so thanks.

It definitely felt like a failure and was surprised the struggle survey did not pop up straight away.


Hey there!

There’s a lot that goes into how AT looks at your workouts, but, as others have said, it’s generally going to focus on your main “work” set of intervals.

Sounds like “All Out” was the right descriptor for how you felt during the workout and it looks like things are getting back on track for you, but I wanted to hop in to confirm your observations.

Nice work powering through that one! Those over/unders are tough!

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