Adaptations to lower intensity despite successful ride completions

I’ve been on an adaptive training plan for several weeks and haven’t failed to complete a ride (I’m just in Sweet Spot Base right now). Any idea why the software swapped a ride 6 days away for a ride with a lower level (McGregor -5 Sweet Spot 3.2 to McGregor -6) Sweet Spot 2.4)? Is it trying to anticipate some fatigue? I’ve ranked most rides as Easy and Moderate, only threshold rides as Hard so far. I could have rejected the adaptation (I’m sure I could have completed the ride) but I’m trying to trust the ML. Thanks!

Is it following a rest week or ramp test?

PRobably worth a check in with

Thanks, Crownan! This one will be leading into a rest week…I also submitted to support. Answer below describes this instance but I plan to go back and check my history to understand where other tweaks were made. Again, I trust the ML but want to understand…if possible!

Hey Tom:

Thank you for getting in touch with the TrainerRoad Support Team!

This is actually not in anticipation of your fatigue, but to bring the workouts’ Progression Levels in line with the design of the training plan. Sundays are designed to be “achievable”, therefore the adapted 2.4 level workout falls in line with your current Progression Levels.

Your pauses during the workouts shouldn’t be an issue considering that they are pretty short and don’t really implicate that they are long stops that the system sometimes takes into consideration as a sign of struggling.

Let me know if this is clear for you, and happy to help you out further!

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The stops I described to them were things like picking up a dropped water bottle, adjusting a laptop or the system auto pausing because I’m “knocking” the crank at really low power during cool downs…all less than 10 sec in duration.

I am experiencing this every ride. I even completed a ride above the power target and it is still adapting down significantly. I am not sure what i am doing wrong. Also, others have said that the survey tells them if they have passed or failed a workout, or asked why it was hard. I have not experienced this part of the program.