Manually Entering TSS

I rode a Taylor -2 today on a Hotel bike with only heart rate, no power. My workout shows completed, but no TSS because of the lack of power data. How can I manually enter my estimated TSS?

Hey there! I’d recommend adding an activity with the proper TSS as explained below:


@JAG-Rider…ok, I went out for a quick 20 minute ride yesterday to check my tubeless setup. No power, no heart rate, just GPS data. It shows up on my TR calendar on that day & in the upper right hand corner there is a ‘TSS estimator’ link.

Let me click on that estimator link…that generates a dialogue box that lets me pick an intensity…I’ll pick ‘smooth’ because I’m all about that. Ok. Now I get a dialogue box that gives me the estimated TSS and lets me adjust it as I see fit.

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Yes I’ve seen you can estimate for an outdoor ride with no data. But you do not get that option with TR workouts with no power data.

I had to add a generic workout and add it that way.

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Any idea why the TSS wouldn’t show up in the weekly total? I added the individual workout but its not adding the TSS to the daily and weekly number.

to clarify its not showing up on my career page.

If your adding a workout manually, you need to make sure to check the “This workout is completed” checkbox at the top. Otherwise it will only change your planned TSS total and not your completed TSS total.

If that box is checked, and you are still having this problem, reach out to our Support Team at and we can take a closer look :+1:.