Estimating TSS for ride with 5mins of power data?

This morning I did an outside ride. My power meter battery died after about 5mins but some minimal power data was recorded. Thus, there doesn’t appear to be anyway for me to estimate the TSS from the ride. Am I missing something? Thx.

For rides with no power data, this is possible:

But if you have one with partial data, not sure that is possible. You might be best to contact to see what they can do for you.

Yep, that’s exactly what I was trying to do except because I’ve got 4:38 of power record before the battery died out of a 2:20 ride, that option is not available.

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Figured so. Hopefully TR support can help. Worst case, you could do a fully manual entry, set it complete, and base it with the RPE and time you did, to get a TSS estimate on your week.

You can use the “Bike” setting in the “Other Activity” and finish with that.

Set it complete after entering time and intensity estimate.

Did you record HR? Set your HR zones and dump the ride into TrainingPeaks. It will estimate TSS based on HR, then you can manually enter that number into TrainerRoad. Since I don’t have a power meter (just the trainer), this is what I do with all of my outdoor rides. will also do this. You just need to login with Strava. All your rides without power data gets an equivalent load. This is what I use when for my bikes without power meters.

For the one with partial data, look in the Heart Rate tab for the activity…

I would just set it to 900.

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Pretty sure someone from TR recommended to add another activity to that day, and set the tss to the missing part.

I ended up creating a manual entry and using the RPE tool to get a TSS estimate. Couldn’t find any other way around it and the estimated number seems to be in the ballpark of what I would have expected for that ride. Close enough for me.