Manually Adjust TSS

Hi team,

On a recent 3 hour ride my power meter battery died only 30 minutes into the ride. As such, the ride calculated a TSS, but it is far too low due to the 2.5 hours of zero power.

Is it possible to manually update/change the TSS for an activity?

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Unfortunately, you can’t manually change the TSS from a ride that was recorded outdoors. What I would recommend however, is to add an “Other Activity” to your Calendar on the same day as your ride, and manually add the amount of TSS you believe you’re missing. This will get your weekly TSS to be a little more accurate. Just follow these steps:


It’s rare but I usually just do as Larry mentioned, estimate the balance of the TSS and add it as another ride for the day. I did this with a TR workout recently Spanish Needle… dumb trainer slow response shorted me some TSS that I was due, so I added it - I put in all the work and wanted credit :wink:

Potentially you could also take the ride, edit the power with FitFileTools, and then re-upload… though I haven’t done this, I do assume TR would pick up the edited power profile appropriately and then calculate TSS?
I have stripped power from rides before with FitFileTools, then uploaded and estimated the TSS as a ride with no power data normally would be handled with TR since it won’t work with partial power data as Larry mentioned.

Thanks Wayne.

Thanks Larry!

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