Manually adding estimated TSS to weekly total

I’m pretty new to TrainerRoad but have fallen in love with the structured workouts and the awesome podcast. I have a gym right next door to my work which i frequent each lunch and as a result, I’m doing about 80% of my workouts on a good quality spin bike with an accurate internal power meter and the other 20% on my home set up (stages, crank arm power meter + fluid trainer). My problem is that the gym spin bike wont communicate via bluetooth to my phone app, which means that I’m not recording power, hence not recording TSS in the calendar. Because i can see my power on the LCD screen on the spin bike I’m confident that i am doing the training session justice, I just wish i could record my TSS in the calendar.
I’m not in a position to purchase a set of new power meter pedals and replace on the gym bike every session. Is it possible to just tick a box and add the estimated TSS to my accumulated weekly TSS or is there a neat little workaround anyone knows. as it stands my Training Stress calendar looks like I’m doing about 170 P/W but in reality I’ve done about 400.
Thanks in advance.

look up " Estimating TSS on Calendar" on the support page. there are instructions there. Input your Estimate TSS same as you would on an outside ride.

This is what i see when i want to estimate stress on an outdoor ride.

This is what i see when i want to do the same to an indoor ride

as you can see, i cant change intensity, hence cant estimate TSS.

I’m sure there is a way. I just cant see it :frowning:

Assuming that you’ve done the workout according to the plan, then you know the TSS. Add “Other Activity” by clicking on the day in Calendar. Make the activity 1 minute long. Estimate TSS at the bottom, using Custom. Enter the TSS you know.
A bit cumbersome, but only a minute’s work.

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